Xingrui pays tribute to Samsung, the scientific and civilized shakes of 5,000 years

If you look at the Star Buddha statue in Mogao Grottoes, or in the Red Palace of the Potala Palace, look at Qianlong’s Dragon Ports, or at Samsung Pile Museum, watching 3000 A bronze god trees close to 4 meters ago.

In front of the cultural relics carrying a strong history, I believe that I am in this moment, what you feel is that people are in the history of the long river, then the next second, the small companion has curious to form our civilization. Toward.

These cultural relics are like connecting the past and the current time, showing us a life of people who stand in the same land for thousands of years ago, and those who are not known.

Today, let’s take a few thousand years ago, just like thousands of years, they see us today, full of curious and worship.

Human has been the same, the more mysterious civilization, the greater the attraction, especially when you face Holding the history of the ancient people and even the Chinese nation to the three-star pile of 5,000 years.

“The silkworm and fish, the founding of the country! Yerlai 4086 years old, no smoke with Qin Shite.”

This is Li Bai’s “难 难” description The Guo Guo, said that the ancient countries have existed tens of thousands of years, of course, this is exaggerated, but not very small in the Central Plains at the time, very mysterious.

So that the Central Plains records very limited, so Samsung is an important channel for us to understand this civilization.


The cultural relics of the Samsung also proves the closure, bronze outgoing mask of the ancient countries, and vigorously portraits. The golden mask These shapes are unique, almost during any period, and there is no connection between regional cultural relics.

According to the horse, if there is an image information recorded in 1986, the archaeological work in Guanghan, the experts in the 1990s, is also difficult to believe in the existence of this civilization.

So far, no matter how many artifacts have unearthed from Samsung Pile, it has no text, which has further deepened the mystery of Samsung.


But the mystery of Samsung’s civilization is very different. Others are rarely reserved today, there is no way to study, Samsung is unearthed. After so many heavy cultural relics, there is still a large number of waiting for “new”.

This shows that the Gu Shizu has once had a grand period of time, and a large number of bronzes, jade and gold have appeared, but the gap in this period has no way to fill.

This is also the reason why Samsung’s civilization is fascinating. It is true and unknown, but this to unknown exploration is the foundation of human development, and today we are also created new science and technology civilization.

Different from other civilizations are limited to a certain period of time, technology is constant, which is likely to be accompanied by human civilization.

However, many people always put technology and civilization in opposition, and the actual, both can coexist, civilization is the direction of science and technology, and the technology pays tribute to civilization.



So in cross-time and empty night, Geely United Samsung Museum launched the “Spark Plan” and looks back to humanity History, starry sky is a unknown synonym, and the flame is the first step in exploration.

The “Spark Plan” tribute to civilization, combining modern technology and traditional culture in a piece, showing Chinese intelligence and heritage.


“Spark Plan”

This plan refers to:

[ 123] 1. Geely Automobile will promote Samsung’s civilization with the “Spark Plan” as an opportunity, build Samsungi design elements to build Samsung’s joint theme wallpaper, and the future is upgraded with SOTA, and limited to the special joint car stickers.

Second, release Geely Automotive X Samsung Pile Museum joint “time and space MIDDOT; star box”, design integration Samsungi culture, set of bronze gods, bronze people shield, etc., will give free Xingrui users .

Third, combined with Samsung PilesThe main car color plan, build Samsung Pile Color into a unique cultural spread, the future will create a joint exhibition car with super realistic car color, conduct a national test drive tour.


For a long time, we look at foreign IP culture.

Although “Guo Chao” is very hot in these years, there are very few or very popular, saying that there is no psychoal core, just use the shallow way to make packaging.

For example, the young people chased the “Mercai” “Rihai”, which is only a piece of clothing, and the actual purchase of the cultural representatives of the pattern and the brand. .

The representative of Supreme is a rebellion and street. Visvim represents a trainer and the inner shelf, they do it to put this dress, I am a part of this culture.

These brands sell them are not clothes, more is the culture of clothes as carriers, so everyone says that SuPreme is a cool street brand, no one said that it is a clothing brand.


Do we have no own culture? Then it is absolutely not, a “mountain sea passes Middot; Netherlands” can do a lot of content.

We lack the story of stories and stories, leading to not understanding your own culture, not confident.

So Geely found Samsung Pile, became this talented story, built a bridge between Samsung, Gu Shizu and us, and promoted Chinese traditional culture through young people.


Xingrui time-space version

In addition to the release of “Spark Plan”, Geely also launched The new Xingrui time-space version of the moon and time-space version of the stars, let this plan have a landing carrier.

It is said that the Star Rui time-space version is as good as the Star Rui Sport, the car logo, the lamp, the internet, the rearview mirror and the side skirt.Some chrome bars have made smoked black, and the hub is changed to a double-fifth radiated star shape, and the caliper is also red.


After adding a small duck tail and four outlet, with the exclusive car color of “Cangshu ash”, The whole car looks at low-key, actually has a sense of texture, a sense, which reflects the mystery and deepness of Samsung’s civilization.


Interior is a fine decoration, using a new Italian imported Alcantara suede, which uses aurific green Sewing, seat belt is dotted, green corresponds to the bronze civilization of Samsungdu.


With civilization, of course, it will not be technologies.

The “CMA” exclusive identity of the seat is from the Suri from the CMA platform, equipped with the only 2.0T engine and 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox with 190 horsepower and 300 Nm.



Due to the price of two models of the time and space, it is 1.327 million and 1527 million respectively, which belongs to the medium and high models. This is naturally unambiguous.

Time and space version supports OTA upgrade, full-straightened GKUI Ji Jing intelligent ecosystem, G-Clean air purification system, Bosch 9.3 ESC body electronic stability control, tire pressure monitoring system and front-rear parking radar .

Time and Space Edition Star has a L2-level automatic driving technology, a transparent chassis, a 7.5-inch HUD, APA fully automated parking system, a 10 speaker’s BOSE audio, supporting an interactive double 12.3-inch connection.

According to the demand of the first batch of car owners, Geely launches OTA summer upgrade, including FOTA hardware upgrade and SOTA software upgradeThe former optimizes lanes on June 15th, enhances the HUD experience, enhances air conditioning temperature control system and BSD blind zone monitoring.

The latter upgrade in June 30 is mainly for the bus, and adds to the three-star heap theme skin and the G-Clean control function, so that your Xingrui has always had fresh.


Seeing, the fuel car is used to get the hardware and software OTA upgrade.

Many people always feel that electric vehicles must be smart than fuel vehicles. That is actually not, the same electronic architecture can achieve the same wisdom, and the opposite electric vehicle is in order to attract consumers, only “intelligence” The scorpion of “”

According to the sales report of Geely, Xingrui’s sales in May were 1,556, and the cumulative sales in July reached 75,332, and the average monthly sales exceeded 10,000.

Xingrui’s breakdown, and the concept of Emgrand is completely different, one is entry-level model for tens of thousands of money, and the other is a 130,000 rush model, this shows Geely Complete the process of change from the volume to the quality.

People are willing to pay for the independent brand of 2.0T payment, willing to pay for the independent brand, willing to pay for the independent brand.

This means that in the heart of the consumer, Geely’s brand will move to the joint venture by step. In fact, I think 10,000 vehicles. Not the end of Xingrui, Xingrui has a higher room for development.

At this level, this price, Xingrui is a texture, which is a consumer in the consumer field, and paying attention to the quality of life is willing to buy such a car.

Just a three-star pile has a young man’s traffic, and a deep spiritual connotation, both of them, the fire of this stars will also form the trend of the original, and the Chinese technology and civilization are circulated into people’s hearts, truly Implement national confidence.

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