Years ago, do not buy a car! Otherwise you will miss the 10 new models!

Seeing will the New Year, many students want to catch a new car home for the holiday in years, but when I saw the Ministry of Industry and the latest batch of new car after the declaration of information, I advise you that one, do not worry to buy a car , which 10 years after the listing of new car models can be described as many highlights!

awaited, Civic hatchback came. But from the point of view of information reporting, many fans might be disappointed. Hatchback Civic dynamic, and do not use the legendary high power engine L15C, but the continuation of the sedan version of the code is 1.5T L15B engine, the maximum horsepower 177, peak torque 220Nmiddot; m.

Hatchback Civic center using dual exhaust, movement of the rear bumper also surrounded, but not the original large tail Type-R Alternatively, the rim the shape is the same 17-inch five-spoke design with the sedan version. Is Honda had expected to buy Civic hatchback people will be modified, so just do not give you what the original design of the movement?

Nevertheless, the hatchback version of the Civic is still the most competitive in 2020 hatchback, golf 8 in domestic before, it is almost no rival.

next door hatchback version of the Civic, Mazda 3 hatchback version Angkesaila but missed the doomed and domestic. Instead it is a new compact SUV CX-30. As Mazda’s new global model, CX-30 can be seen as the new Mazda 3 hatchback version Cross, exterior and interior design and overseas Mazda 3 hatchback version is exactly the same.

dimensions, length and breadth CX-30 and C-HR Toyota little difference, standard SUV’s body are small. Power, the declaration of the whole system mounted on CX-30 is only one code of 2.0L SkyActiv-G PE naturally aspirated engine, the maximum horsepower 158, the transmission system is expected to match 6AT gearbox. As SkyActiv-X compression ignition engine of concern to everyone, and then so on it.

Do you think Mazda with cross-border SUV hatchback alternative to the practice of fly it?

whole new generation of Mercedes-Benz GLA also completed the declaration formalities, GLA designs and overseas without the AMG kit basically the same, I personally feel without AMG appearance kit does look like a general.

but it does not matter, after all, the front of the three-pointed star logo size is large enough. When it comes to size, the new GLA of length and breadth were 4417/1834 / 1610mm, wheelbase 2729mm, with the BMW X2 is not very different. Power, the current declared GLA200 1.3T using a four-cylinder engine, the maximum horsepower 163, matching 7-speed double clutch gearbox. Prices, reference GLA cash and new GLB, we speculate that the new GLA200 from the sale price should still be around 27 million.

in reporting information on a number of Audi declared domestic Q3 Sportback, but only 45TFSI high-power models, not close to the people . This time, Audi declared equipped with 1.4T engine 40TFSI and 2.0T models 35TFSI low power, they are also the main selling power of whole cars.

design, Q3 Sportback front design and not very different from the standard version Q3, also provides a variety of optional look and feel, including S-line sports package.

using the rear fastback design, modeling is more movement than the Mercedes-Benz GLA, I think Q3 Sportback is designed to be more beautiful, more temperament. Size, the car’s length and breadth were 4518/1843 / 1573mm, 2680mm wheelbase, and the outcome of each GLA Benz.

Mercedes-Benz GLA or Audi Q3 Sportback? This round I stand Audi.

Two days before ShakespeareDi official announced the official figure of a Han, the new car also immediately declare the information exposed. By reporting the information that we can more clearly see the Chinese language. This time, the Chinese have EV version and the version of DM, design difference is still very large. EV version in a closed network, there are two obvious from the cover of muscles bulge.

using the through rear tail light design, combined with an intermediate chrome trim strip, the bottom is surrounded by a large area of ​​black. Dimensions, Han length and breadth were 4980/1910 / 1495mm, with a wheelbase of 2920mm, it has reached the level of a large entry-level car.

Dynamic context, the EV plate precursor has four-wheel drive and two kinds of power, precursor 160kW version using the permanent magnet synchronous motor, it is a front wheel drive 160kW, 200kW after the dual-motor drive.

DM plug-in hybrid version of the Han is another front face, but also our more familiar mouth design, LED headlamps also very recognizable, but Why is this front face made him look like Audi of it?

taillights and EV version is not very different, but the use of the bumper and body-color design, the exhaust is still concealed. Power, plug-in hybrid Han DM + 2.0T engine using a combination of the motor 192 maximum engine horsepower, the maximum horsepower motor 245, seemingly not the legendary Pobai version 2.9 seconds.

Perhaps before too much to expect the Chinese, why do I feel real car looks like a general picture of it?

The only mission is to revive Sonata ten, although do not expect it to reproduce the brilliant cable eight times, but at least to see Mendoza at 10 it is not so boring, and catfish mouth with exaggerated chrome strip is still very recognizable.

through the rear taillight exaggerated and Duck tail design, and surrounded with a black body with optional color. Dimensions, length and breadth were ten Sonata 4955/1860/ 1445mm, wheelbase 2890mm, for a B-Class is considered very big.

Depending on the configuration, there are 17, 18 and rim size 19 inch alternative, the shape of the rim is very design sense.

power, has ten 1.5T and Sonata 2.0T engine, the maximum horsepower horses were 170,240, it is expected to match the transmission system 7 and 8AT speed dual clutch transmission.

Mendoza at 10 you think you can help the modern revival?

In this group reporting information, the Nissan declaration, including the Teana, Sylphy and Qashqai, including three models “blackening “models, is simply the grille of the vehicle, wheels, logo, door handles and other components all into black design, will look more movement.

which, Teana and Sylphy rear also increases the tail black ducks, sounds of nature as well as additional “midnight (midnight),” black identity, I could not even name all help Nissan thought well, called “Teana midnight limited edition.”

although the increase in blackening sports package, but the power still has not adjusted terms, only the Teana 2.0L naturally aspirated version, 2.0T power did not launch “Midnight limited edition”. The Sylphy and Qashqai also continued their own 2.0L and 1.6L naturally aspirated engine.

Trumpchi mid-term facelift of the GS7 also declared, but changed its name became GS8S, this really is not operating common. Perhaps in order to match the new name, the front face of the new car has also been a “magic change”, in the network into a vertical grille, and front lateral lines of the design out of tune.

is also added to the rear slightly surrounded by towering movement, in order to highlight the main differences is the mid facelift. In fact, from facelift GS7 will be able to see one thing, many manufacturers in orderReflect differences in new car facelift, it will make some changes in the original design, the even renamed. But sometimes those changes with the first generation style is not the same, it will result in some cases car “to a greater ugly” the.

Do you think GS8S after the facelift look good?

This is a brand new product serial Changan compact-class SUV, with the previous CS series is completely different. UNI-T design can be described as great tension, front face enormous diffusion type network, headlight shape is very sharp, it is surrounded on both sides of the X-shaped design, a high degree of recognition.

equally strong sense of design rear, above a small tail, tail group of small area, the tailgate has a broken line reflects the sense of hierarchy. Entity below four bilateral common exhaust vent staggered trapezoid shape or design, as well as the intermediate diffuser.

dimensions, UNI-T of the length and breadth were 4515/1870 / 1565mm, wheelbase 2710mm. Wheels have 225/60 R17,225 / 55 R19,245 / 45 R20 three versions to choose from. Power, the current reporting model powered by a 1.5T engine, maximum horsepower of 180. According to the information obtained previously, UNI-T is expected at the beginning of the 2020 Geneva Motor Show debut.

had guns passenger version and the commercial version are already on the market, but many hardcore gamers are waiting for off-road gun release (previously only concept cars). Through this declaration map view, cross-country gun design is more wild, using blackened vehicle design, and front and rear bumpers and wheel arch also is black, in the off-road experience will not rub off paint distressed.

dimensions, cross-country gun length and breadth were 5437/1958 / 1918mm, with a wheelbase of 3230mm, the size of the passenger version is not very different.

In the configuration, optional off-road shot on the very rich. By reporting the information point of view, in addition to the standard high off-road gun inlet means (wading throat), it also optional capstan, after opening the trailer side, rear trailer power, BFGoodrich AT tires, high-performance shock, luggage rack , gantry, set sand cup, can be customized to provide ample room for off-road player.

Power Off road gun has 2.0T and 2.0T gasoline and diesel engine, respectively, the maximum horsepower 190,163 horses, 6-speed manual transmission system, and is expected to have optional 8AT .

Now the cities of pickups policy more open, many families have started to pickup the car into the reserve list, and such a original “Explosion changed the” off-road gun can meet a lot of players off-road needs, at the same time do not worry because refit to bring vehicle inspection and other issues, it is quite good.

Golf 8 has not yet declared but is expected in the years after the debut

In addition to the 10 or more new cars, this group of new cars Ministry still has many models are very popular, but there are some models expected to be available in 2020 did not declare, including the highly anticipated eighth generation Golf and the new generation Fit. In other words, buy a car now, you will most likely miss a large wave after wave of new cars. So, if you are not eager to purchase years ago, a large number of new cars may wish to wait year after listing, maybe there inside you like bike too!

This is the 10 car, Which you most looking forward to?

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