Years ago, I wanted to buy a car crowd, led by Toyota Wei Landa, eight Ministry of Industry and heavy car Behind the Scenes!

Recently, the Ministry publicized the first batch of 325 “road motor vehicle manufacturers and product announcement” new product catalog. These include Toyota, Chevrolet, Buick, Great Wall and other brands of Changan variety of heavy new car, many of the new car is expected to release in the fourth quarter or the market. Here’s a sneak peek along with Ash, to see which hot new cars coming soon.

It is reported that Guangzhou Toyota’s new compact SUV, Wei Landa will be posted on the Guangzhou Auto Show in November, is expected next year a quarter of the market. Car front end is very sharp, the front grille with a cellular mesh design, a more slender sharp headlight group; taillights high degree of discrimination, and the tail comes out bilateral double exhaust. Size, Wei Landa’s length and breadth were 4665/1855 / 1680mm, with a wheelbase of 2690mm, the new RAV4 glory than to put car length slightly longer, but the same wheelbase.

Power, Toyota Camry Wei Landa 2.0L 2.5L hybrid will be equipped and two power, wherein 2.0L engine maximum power 126kW, matching CVT gearbox. Hybrid version of the power system by a member 2.5L naturally aspirated engine, two motors, a planetary gear type E-CVT gearbox and other components, 2.5L engine maximum power of 131kW, motor power 88kW. In addition, both models also have the power to provide two drive and four-wheel drive version.

Recently, new Regal appeared Ministry 325 batches car public directory, from the notification information point of view, the new car has been adjusted in terms of style and power. It is reported that the new Regal is expected to go on sale later this year. The shape, the new Buick Regal replaced by a dot-matrix front grille design, looks more delicate dynamic. The rear part, the new Regal using two bilateral common exhaust layout. Regal new length and breadth were 4913/1863 / 1462mm, wheelbase 2829mm. Depending on the configuration, the new car will be equipped with a line and secondary, reverse image, front and rear parking radar and keyless entry and other configurations. At the same time the new car will offer 205/65 R16,225 /55 R17 and 245/45 R18 tires in three sizes.

Regal biggest change is the new power sector, power, car engine will replace cash 1.3T 1.5T engine, the maximum power of 116kW, 2.0T engine is still applied, but the maximum power from a cash 192kW down to 169kW, matching is still common 9AT gearbox.

Recently, the Ministry issued the notification information of SAIC Chevrolet Blazer. Positioning the large car SUV, providing 5/7 two kinds of seating arrangement. It is reported that Chevrolet Blazer will be officially unveiled during the year. Shape, Chevrolet Blazer made version of the basic design continues overseas, a front face and a split lamps large mesh grille design, with an elongated LED daytime running lights, its shape very atmospheric; rear car a dual Y-shaped tail light of the Chevrolet family. New car length and breadth were 4999/1953 / 1727,1732,1736mm, compared to overseas version has been some improvement, wheelbase versions consistent and overseas, is 2863mm. Three sizes of car tires depending on the model, respectively 235/65 R18,235 / 55 R20,265 / 45 R21.

Power, dynamic, new cars equipped with a code for LSY 2.0T engine, the maximum power of 174kW, is expected to reach peak torque 350Nmiddot; m, the transmission system is expected to match the 9-speed manual gearbox.

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recently, the Ministry announced a new notification information of Harvard F5. New car model continues the current model of the design, the overall style is very full of atmosphere. The front grille and the front face of a hexagonal elongate mouth headlight group cooperates moving body side is relatively low; rear portion, bilateral dual exhaust quite intimidating. In addition, this also increases the appearance of the new car with yellow trim and smoked black wheels and yellow brake calipers option, the overall shape is even more sports, fashion.

car length and breadth were 4470/1857 / 1638mm, wheelbase 2680mm. The different configuration, before the camera optional car, chrome bar fog lights, front and rear bumpers and trim the bottom of the hub of different styles like configuration. Power, this declaration was equipped with a new car, code-named GW4G15F the 1.5T engine, maximum power of 150 horsepower, compared to the maximum power in the sale of Harvard F5 models low 19 horsepower.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry announced the declaration of new information Tiggo 7. New car shape have a greater change compared to the current model, its overall shape and style of the Tiggo 8 is similar. Car in the network design uses a dot matrix, on both sides of the front headlights become more narrow. Also uses the current popular car suspended roof, rear tail lights through the design, the exhaust tail pipe becomes a rectangular shape. Dimensions, length and breadth of the new car 4500/1842 / 1746mm, wheelbase 2670mm. Compared with the current model, the new car’s length and breadth are on the rise, the wheelbase remains unchanged.

power, the new car offers 1.5T / 1.6T two power versions for consumers to choose. Wherein, 1.5T or cash vehicle engine, the maximum power of 115KW, 1.6T maximum power of 145kW models, matching the expected 6-speed manual, six-speed double clutch gearbox and seven-speed double clutch.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry 325 approved car catalog publicized its first volume Polar Star brand production car Polestar 1 reporting information. New car appearance with a two-door coupe body style appearance, while the details of the body using the latest Volvo car family style design, such as Quake headlamps, C-type rear lights and so on.

dimensions, car length and breadth were 4586/1958 / 1352mm, wheelbase 2742mm.Power, the car equipped with a maximum power of 326 horsepower dual 2.0T supercharged engine, an electric motor with a maximum output power of up to 608 horsepower comprehensive, integrated torque of 1000 Nm middot; m and hundred kilometers can be as low as 1 liter addition it may be implemented precursor, rear wheel drive, four-wheel drive mode three kinds.

Recently, the Ministry of the publicity one from Ahmadi card SUV models, which It had car July press conference held at the Bird’s nest tournament game Lin Lin brand posted a step-off SUV models, the new car is positioned as a mid-sized SUV. From see FIG declaration, new release in appearance models consistent and the conference, a car front face and large blackened grid surrounding the movement; car body side with suspension roof, mirror housing and the hub are black styling. Rear exhaust layout using four bilateral, which runs through the center of a black taillight trim, furthermore also has rear spoiler and the bottom of the diffuser. Dimensions, car length and breadth were 4744/1928 / 1652mm, wheelbase 2850mm. The new car is also equipped with 19-inch wheels, its tire size 245/45 R19.

power, a maximum power of new cars equipped with GWM 224 from 2.0T engine horsepower. Ministry of Industry announced from the power point of view, mentioned the conference tournament Lin 406 horsepower, 450 cattle middot; m-powered version of the model and to appear.

These are the Ministry of Industry 325 installment of “road motor vehicle manufacturers and products,” 8 new models, which Toyota Wei Landa , Chevrolet Blazer and other new car is especially heavy, like as Chang’an CS55 PLUS, the new Tiggo varying degrees 7 and other models, enhance the competitiveness; 1 pole star how to deliver exciting prospect, and customer Mai Lin believe race will lead to a lot of topics points. The eight new models have your food? Welcome to communicate in the message area and wisdom.

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