Yongtong Group and Sinopec reach a strategic cooperation between the partners will join hands with energy supply services

, Hunan Yongtong Group Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Sinopec Hunan Changsha Petroleum Branch, The two sides will work together to provide energy supply services to society. This means that Yongtong Group’s career layout further expands.

China Petrochemical Hunan Petroleum Branch, the party secretary of the Party Committee, Huang Raise


Both parties signed a cooperation agreement

Yong The Group was established in 2000 and is a leader in the automobile circulation industry in Hunan and the central South China. In 2020, under the double weight of the market winter and the epidemic, China’s car market reproduced double fell. In the face of severe situation, Yongtong Group’s steady foundation, grasp the opportunity, rely on traditional new cars, new energy car doubles, with the combusation of automobile sales, the market industry chain, rising against the trend, casting the best results since the establishment . The total revenue of 16.2 billion yuan is achieved throughout the year, a year-on-year increase of 16%. A total of 2020 China Auto Distributors Group’s 100th Ranking of China Auto Dealer Group (No. 1 of Hunan District), 2020 Hunan Enterprise No. 29, 2020 Hunan Service Enterprise 50.

China Petrochemical Hunan Petroleum is a central enterprise station in Xiangzhou-level company. The total amount reached 23 billion yuan, ranked 9th and the second place in the Hunan 100 and the service industry. It sold 7.64 million tons last year, and the profit and tax is 1.5 billion yuan. In 2019, 2020 will be rated as Sinopec Headquarters “Key business”. As the largest city company in the province, Changsha Petroleum has sold 1.2 million tons of refined oil last year, with a total sales amount of 8.4 billion yuan, is the main channel enterprise supplied by the provincial capital.

Yongtong Group and Changsha StoneOil will jointly establish Hunan Yongtong Petrochemical Energy Co., Ltd. Deepen the resources integration, business aggregation, strong joint, promote business innovation, management innovation, service innovation. Work together to provide strong motivation to build a modern new Changsha, and help the people’s beautiful life. It will also take this as an opportunity to explore more cooperative possibilities and work together to serve Hunan consumers.

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