Young would dare to go beyond, to join hands stardom LX Jane Zhang, help Tencent music and entertainment festival

on the road of its own brand of high-end, more and more new brands to emerge, Chery’s high-end sub-brand – EXEED stardom is one of them. As the main “intelligent design, drive control, safety, service,” the young car brand, cross-marketing is of course indispensable. For music this matter, EXEED stardom also use their own actions to narrow the distance with younger consumers.

the evening of December 8, EXEED stardom as a partner throughout Tencent first title of the music and entertainment festival grand opening in Macau. The scene can be said to be star-studded, Jane Zhang, Zhang Yixing, Deng purple chess, Qian Xue, Khalil, Liu Yuning and so on will all be present, for everyone to bring a musical feast, attracted fans cheers. Tencent music while also awarded various prizes for the singers, in order to affirm their efforts and the pursuit of music career.

Jane Zhang at the scene sang several songs, including “stardom” just the high degree of fit with EXEED stardom car brand. The world’s best songs with stardom LX holographic projection to the audience show stardom LX unique charm. Jane Zhang is also the identity of the “Star officials push,” the chief, with all the people witnessed the Chinese Philharmonic music highlight moments.

[123 ] with the increase in consumer demand and the accumulation of its own brand of technology, the car is no longer just a means of transport, brand culture is also becoming intrinsic factor to impress consumers. For example, from BMW, we first thought is manipulated; Speaking of Mercedes-Benz, we first thought is luxury; Speaking of Audi, we first thought is the lighting technology. Similarly, independent domestic high-end brands are eager to consumersMind to establish a unique brand image.

2019 Tencent Music Entertainment Festival (TMEA) is the main theme of “Beyond extraordinary “, and EXEED stardom spirit of the brand is” dare to go beyond “the two coincide. EXEED stardom beyond, mainly in the following five areas: intelligent, design, drive control, safety and service. While at the user level, EXEED hit stardom is “younger” in the consumer market, while the music is undoubtedly the best way of building bridges of communication with young people.

the next era is the era of young people, EXEED stardom “dare to go beyond the” spirit of the brand will be able to cause a lot resonate with consumers, so as to enhance the brand recognition.

[123 ] “there is reasonable”, any car brand will have their own core strengths. For EXEED stardom, the color value, power and intelligence are its highlights. In Starryland LX example, aspects of color values ​​that the surgeon himself international design master Kevin Rice, through multi-dimensional transversal lines, increasing fusion Star matrix LED headlights, LED tail threading, of strong upright body posture, these design elements LX is a recognizable stardom.

Inside, Starryland LX also demonstrated texture leapfrog . Three flat-type wheel, with a double 12.3 inches LCD screen, a variety of combinations of materials, touch-conditioning control panel, lever-type shifting mechanism, double-double central passage are Starryland LX further enhance the texture of the interior . Meanwhile stardom LX is equipped with a lighting area up 0.89㎡ panoramic sunroof, bring a more transparent and bright feeling of space.

power, equipped 1.6TGDI Starryland LX engine, the maximum power of 145kW / 5500rpm, peak torque 290Nmiddot; m / 2000-4000rpm. After the match Getrag 7DCT wet dual-clutch gearbox, 8.8 seconds Pobai, while 100 km fuel consumption as low as 6.9L. In addition to excellent dynamic performance and fuel economy, outside, EXEED stardom also provides the engine’s models 10 years / one million kilometers long warranty, reduced maintenance costs for consumers.

a high degree of intelligence is a major selling point EXEED Starryland , Take stardom LX is, in addition to the minimum distribution models, and the rest are configured to provide active braking, 360-degree panoramic images, such as adaptive cruise driver assistance systems. With models are also equipped with and an auxiliary line, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, traffic sign recognition and other active safety configuration, which together help to achieve the stardom LX L2.5 level autopilot function.

Network of the general trend of the automotive, stardom LX whole system comes standard with the latest Lion3.0 lion Zhiyun system, enabling online navigation, on-line entertainment, speech recognition, OTA remote upgrade capabilities. With models AR also supports more advanced features to enhance photo navigation, depth, face recognition, intelligent bring consumers a better experience.

[123 ] it is not only EXEED stardom, “young” is already the only way many car prices, but how do the “young” is not a small problem. These days, “wine is also afraid of deep alley,” the EXEED stardom through cross-border cooperation with Tencent music and entertainment festival, no doubt the brand into a more young genes. And Jane Zhang as Chief “Star officials push”, but also can bring EXEED stardomMore fans attention.

However, “blacksmith need its own hardware” is not enough light there is good marketing, product strength is also very important. To stardom LX example, its exterior, interior, intelligence and power equipment was well meet the needs of young consumers, which will be its core competitiveness.

Interestingly, the EXEED stardom title Tencent Music Entertainment Festival, in addition to inviting the media, but also invited some real owners. Ash happen to know another stardom LX owners from Xinjiang, in front of his stardom is not listed on LX down a deposit, after the listing of the top with a direct mention, has opened more than 2,000 kilometers. In his words, chose stardom LX, on the one hand for budgetary considerations, 150,000 budget naked car, buy other independent high-end brands, can only buy entry model, configuration, and stardom LX lot worse . On the other hand, stardom LX power system is relatively good, can be a good balance between dynamic performance and fuel economy, 10 year / one million kilometers long warranty also make him more at ease.

“is always shining gold”, with a solid product strength as a support, coupled with innovative marketing programs, prospects EXEED stardom worth the wait. Ash also hopes its own brand of high-end technology can further and further along the road, give consumers more choice.

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