Yuxing car: Li Shufu, Yin Yue chased this, Wang Chuanfu

On June 13th, in the 2021 China Auto Chongqing Forum, Li Shufu, Wang Chuanfu, Yin Yue and other industry leaders talked about the views and opinions of their respective development of the automotive industry, indicating that after the experience of 20 years, this A group of entrepreneurs have matured.

Li Shufu: Only wanzheng, can win the world

Li Shufu, the chairman of Geely Holdings Group, who entered the automobile field before China, believes that the current, cross-border The car is rising, but the car industrial transformation is upgraded, and the high-quality development has a long way to go. In many fields still needed to seek breakthroughs, and must not overrecomite. The challenges facing China Automotive Industry are still very serious. We must insist on playing the foundation, practicing internal work, only to form core competence, to ensure sustainable development. Therefore, whether it is “corner overtaking”, it is also a smooth sailing.

Li Shufu is particularly emphasized, I think that all competition is inseparable from one way, that is, the right way! The history of the automotive industry tells us that only walking forward, we can win the world. There are days outside the sky, there are people in people, there are mountains outside the mountains, and the development of anything has its objective law. Research law, understanding of the law, respect the law, this is what I said “forward”.

As an entrepreneurial entrepreneur with social responsibility, Li Shufu also talked about that various signs show that China’s current lack of professional dignity, such as washing toilet, sweeping, and is a babysitter, a first-line industry worker always feels that he lacks a career Dignity, because relative income is too low, and it is not valued.

He said that there is no professional dignity, it is impossible to form a professional spirit. If you don’t have a professional product, he feels no respect for your career, so you have to do your work. It is difficult. We must create better professional conditions for the career of the first-line workers, increase the intensity of training investment, improve professional ability, let thousands of first-line workers work, life is guaranteed, the family is a well-off, let They can concentrate on their own professional direction, constantly practical and explore, constantly improve the level of capacity, create their own career value in the industrial chain, thus gaining respectStrict, achievement of dreams, and make happiness.

Yin Tong Yue: Carrying the car “Wan change does not leave the Zone”

From the end of the last century, the party secretary and chairman of the Central Enterprise Yue Yue said that with the arrival of the Internet industry, the rapid breakthrough of new energy technology, today, the characteristics of this era are dramatically changed to the automotive industry. However, the automotive industry itself has both traditional and open, conservative and innovative industries. So, for the traditional trucks like our, doing a car, the more becoming more and more small, the more conservative it. Therefore, we make car called “10,000 changes from their own Zong”, do not forget to do business, do not forget the industry.

He said that the car is a transportation, called a new energy car, called smart car, etc., but it is a car, it is a transportation, the transportation One property is safe, so for security itself, because the acceleration of the car is getting better and better, the road conditions are getting better and better, in this case, safety is higher than the past. In particular, the application of a large number of software now, the features of the software itself are some unpredictable bugs, bringing more and updated challenges to car security.

Yin Yue analysis, in more than 100 years, despite the constant impact of some other industries, Toyota, General, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, still dominates in the industry. Therefore, the automotive industry itself is also a very resistant to the industry that can keep up with the times, can constantly compatibility with the management of management changes, technological innovation, and new ideas in other industries.

He believes that now, everyone is talking about software definitions. Software has a lot of impact on the transformation of the automotive industry, but it may be more accurately said to be customer definition cars, because the new generation of “Z Age” customers are the main body of the car, these young people are naturally online, naturally sorry, and the natural is very personalized. The wealth of the natural consumption of people, their requirements are completely different from the past, and the consumption of this generation redefines the car and reshapes the car definition.

Yin Tongyue said that the car is different from the TV industry, different from the mobile phone industry, and these industries are a vertical switching after the birth of new technologies. However,Traditional cars and new technology cars are coexisting or continuously widening tracks, traditional cars are still the foundation of all new technology cars. So the basics of traditional cars is still to be prison … Now, the car industry is not dry, the car is not good, the past is a “marathon”, but now is not only at the end. Marathon, but also to participate in the “three iron people, iron people” competition. Therefore, traditional things can not be placed, investment cannot be reduced, new smart cars, new driving techniques still have to increase investment.

Wang Chuanfu: I didn’t “advise Xiaomi to give up the car”

Through the merger, the chairman and president of the BYD Co., Ltd. At that, the new energy industry has walked to the unprecedented development situation today. From domestic and foreign, new energy replacement fuel vehicles have been determined, and the dependence on oil must be solved.

He said that battery technology must take into account the safety of the product and the response of social resources. There is no safety, the popularity of new energy vehicles will not talk.

Wang Chuanfu also said that we have done a research, and the current family still has a family in a car. For these families, the choice of the first car is purchased, the pure electric is very Difficult, he should take into account long distances and short ways, BYD provides two legs, plug-in mixing solves the first step demand in the family, and the development of new energy vehicles has a larger time span, which is mixed from plugging to pure electric.

At the same time, Wang Chuanfu believes that the main short board in China’s automobile is the brand’s awareness. Technically China brand has achieved comprehensive transcendence, but the concept of domestic consumption has not fully changed, and the road to development in the future is far away.

In the interactive discussion, Wang Chuanfu also clarified the so-called “Lei Jun to give up the car”. He believes that “is misreading by the media” and said: “We and Xiaomi always have a good relationship, which is a large number of Xiaomi mobile phones, is a strategic partnership. In the future, BYD supports Xiaomi Development, but not only support, BYD and Xiaomi cooperate in the automotive sector. “He explained that he used to explain it in a field.The strategic direction is very important, there is a good strategic direction to go to the road, and the bad strategic direction may be lost for three or four years, or the opportunity may be lost in fierce competition. (Zhang Yu)

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