Zero one hundred accelerated less than 6 seconds, this large SUV has also environmental performance, the Audi Q7 plug release

Audi released a plug-in hybrid version of the Q7, which is also the launch of the Audi A8, Q5, A6 and 5, after the A7 Sportback plug hybrid version of the model, which also indicates that Audi will bring to the implementation of electrification among all of its models.

Q7 model name of the plug plate to Q7 TFSI e quattro, in appearance, with substantially no regular gasoline version of the model much difference. However, the future of a full range of plug-in version of the Q7 S line sports package will be assembled, black air kit, Matrix LED headlights, 20-inch wheels, red brake calipers are prominent in their movement characteristics, and this car will be equipped with adaptive air suspension.

on the interior, it also uses a lot of S line sports package, comprising a steering wheel and leather S line embossing, sports seats.

power part has a 3.0 liters V6 turbocharged engine and composed of a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the maximum engine power of 340 horsepower and 450 cattle middot; maximum power meter, the motor 94 kW, maximum torque 350 Nm middot; m, 8 is a matching speed Tiptronic transmission. The electric motor is integrated in the gearbox, the engine is located in the intermediate position of the gearbox, thus forming a hybrid version of the plug train Q7System.

Q7 will plug Version Release two power version of the model, namely, tail 60 and 55 TFSI e TFSI e. Comprehensive maximum power can reach 60 TFSI e 456 hp (335 kW), the maximum torque of 700 cattle integrated middot; m, 0-100km / h acceleration time of 5.7 seconds, the maximum speed of 240km / h, the maximum speed can be achieved purely electrical 135km / h. 55 TFSI e Comprehensive maximum power of 381 horsepower (280 kW), the maximum torque of 600 Nm integrated middot; m, 0-100km / h acceleration time of 5.9 seconds.

Q7 version equipped with a plug 17.3kWh liquid-cooled lithium battery, the battery is placed below the trunk floor, wltp pure electric mileage can reach 43km, because hybrid vehicle is a plug, it will be in Germany enjoy 0.5 percent unified tax, which is native to the new energy model given preferential policies.

Now, Q7 plug-in version of the model has opened the sale in Europe, from the sale of 60 TFSI e quattro price of 89,500 euros, 55 TFSI e quattro’s starting price of 74,800 euros.

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