[Zhangjiajie Geely Station] Carnival June Geely Automobile Renewal, Maintenance, Replacement Special Group

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Geely Automobile

Carnival June – Value Replacement Go

Sitting on the bench, purse the wallet, listen to me And you said

June 12-14

Geely Automobile renewal, maintenance, replacement special group purchase – Zhangjiajie Geely station

This Dragon Boat Festival Lengjie Geely 4S shop, Take you through time and space

“Brown” Love Carnival

Various car welfare is given to you

Hurry to receive it!

All models price breakdown reserve price

10,000 yuan replacement subsidies, low down payment, low month supply

There are also various finance Program for you to choose

Hot selling model

[ 123]

星 越 L

[Geely Star Yue L] pre-sale price 14.8-188,000 yuan, peak imagination At hand, successfully open pre-sale, pre-pay 520 deposits to use 2000 yuan, real car to the store, invite to the store to test drive “!

Geely Star Rui, China Coupe New Beverage, 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games official designated car [ 123]

Hot sales!

Do not try, not, don’t sell, no need! !

Price: 11.37 million yuan

Emgrand S

[Gilli Hawth S] price 8.49-1089 million yuan, younger and self-contained, new car to the store, invite to the store to test drive!

[Bajue Asian Games Edition] sells 9.18-1088 million yuan, good-looking, good, good intelligent three good SUV, We sincerely invite the store to test drive

[Geely ICON] price of 10.88-1288 million yuan, Geely Icon Future Technology SUV BMA Modular Mechanism is extremely committed, 40 + technology configuration Embiguity!

[Geely Clinical] Price is 9.48-13.98 million yuan, Geely Jiaji is a fresh and comfortable, such as home is comfortable Such as Fortress-like solid protection!

[Gli Rui] price of 7.58-11.08 million yuan, in urban life, create a drainage in the wind, Beyond the texture of the sense, in order to match your demand for life, every time you start, come from the more powerful heart!

[Giry Emgrand GS] price of 7.78-1168 million yuan, the trend of the people in the eyes, where is the focus Interesting from intelligence, making fun in happening, giving you plenty of power, breaking through the boundaries of labels!

Price is 4.99-7.39 million yuan, the new vision for new debut, the dynamic car is very eye-catching, intelligent cruise peace Shang Zhi’s high-speed traffic, the ultimate quiet space is wide!

Vision X6

[Geely Vision X6] Price 6.89-9.990,000 yuan, the economy is smooth, enjoy driving pleasure, intimate and convenient, enjoy real-time online, spacious and flexible, sitting comfortable, handsome, more stable!

[Geely Vision X3] price of 5.29-689 million yuan, enough to pull the wind, I can’t help but look at it, good enough Use, satisfying the demand and worry, enough, smooth and efficient,

limited time special super gift is full of cars


Don’t play the routine than the heart! ! !

Picture Our goal is picture

Let you be happy, satisfied!

Absolutely beyond your imagination!

You want to buy a car

must grasp the opportunity ~

Happy life, Geely is accompanied


Sales Hotline: 0744-8588886


24-hour after-sales hotline: 0744-8518885 [123 ]


Activative location: 50 meters in the entrance of the Yinxian Automobile City, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie

Zhangjiajie Yongding District Xixiping Trade Road (District Government Back) [ 123]

In the sales model: Xingrui / Star / Star Yue L / Bofei Pro / Emgrand / Bogue PRO / Emgrand S / Vietnam / icon / Chatrong / Emgrand GS / GRC / Vision X6 / Vision X3 / New Vision

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