Zhejiang riders diffusion! Since September 1 Free

from September 1, “Zhejiang road regulations” will be formally implemented. The new “regulations”, to stay on the main highway of broken-down vehicle, vehicle accidents, highway managers should promptly free towing, towing to the nearest exit temporary parking lot outside, people should passengers cooperate.

“Regulations” set free highway vehicle towing a failure for the national initiative, its purpose is to cause the vehicle to avoid bargaining trailer paid a long stay, as soon as the broken-down vehicle towed away main highway institutional arrangements made. This provision is conducive to unobstructed road safety and reduce the risk of secondary accidents .

At the same time, the “Regulations” there are still those heart-warming initiatives mdash; mdash;

The first nineteen provision on the main road highway maintenance, should try to avoid rush hour traffic lane closed to traffic or work , which means that in the future highway maintenance work will increasingly be scheduled during off-peak hours get on.

Article 30 The provisions of by the Municipal People’s Government after the highway bridge under the bridge space available for the masses recreation, sports and fitness, small vehicle parking and other public purposes, as far as possible in ensuring the safety of the premise bridge serve the needs of urban and rural residents living , both to extend the use value of road infrastructure, but also saves land resources needed for urban development.

Article 34 office of inter-provincial limited transportation limited transportation within this province and across municipalities and districts in this province, receiving approval authority from the original provincial transport department decentralized to the transport authorities of municipalities and districts , which greatly facilitates the truck driver who.

In addition, “Zhejiang Highway Bill” is still in development planning and construction of roads, road maintenance, road protection, road load transportation management costs highway management and many other aspects clearly defined.

Content Source: Zhejiang Department of Transportation

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