Zhi run ACE power parameters exposure, providing two powers will be listed in early July

With the sense of blood, the ACE-level driving control is built! On June 9, Dongfeng Yueda Kia official announced that Zhi Run ACE will be listed in early July, and provide 1.5T and 2.0L power selection. Among them, 1.5T models, matching 7DCT gearboxes, 200ps super horsepower, 100 kilometers of comprehensive fuel consumption is only 6L, dynamic performance and fuel economy double top A, which is the strongest 1.5T engine.

(Zhi Run ACE Power Parameter Table)

The grade is pleasant, derived from the top A technology blessing. The 1.5T model of Zhi Run ACE, is equipped with a world-class power new benchmark – SmartStream power system, which applies global original fourth-generation CVVD engine technology, which is known as “human beings in the nearly 30 years of advancement in the automotive engine field” . It is reported that in 2014, modern car middot; Kia has a total of 12 “Ward Top Ten Engines”, which includes the same CVVD engine applied by Zhi Run ACE.

With the strong resonance of supermark, Zhi Run ACE has brought about “high energy pump aesthetics”, “subversion CVVD Dynamic Black Technology” with sensory impact The strongest 1.5T engine, became the “stimulant” in the real life of TA, achieving the ideal “booster”, release the inner passionate “, will fully inspire the” blood pump sensation “of supermarking youth. What is the excellent performance of Subsequent Zhi Run ACE?

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