” Zhongxingpengyue ” 2019 Mercedes-Benz Maybach VS680 modified V260L

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Mercedes-Benz Maybach V260L modified VS680, interior conversion commercial MPV, the installation of high-top cut off luxury refit hall preferential cars, Mercedes-Benz Maybach V260L modified version upgrade customized, high roof, surrounded by large streamline design, build luxurious commercial space travel. V260L Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles into the whole car six, VIP cabin hidden on the seat, yet elegant gentleman strict business style, more of a romantic. Elegant and full of everywhere are all handmade, look at the car as fine art beautiful. The unique combination of black and dark brown, strong colors like elegant black butterfly in North America, elegant, yet serious and careful. Design innovation and technology complement each other, a perfect combination of both sublimation classic interpretation of art, appreciate the diverse beauty. Contact the end of the article

Mercedes-Benz Maybach v260L Galaxy business room with a cab car systems and data management systems, (COMAND), navigation, 360-degree image transfer, phone, audio , video, and many other functions are clearly presented in 8.4-inch high resolution display, driving attention assist system, three brand-new steering wheel design, integrate many practical function keys. in high-allocation model is also equipped with collision prevention support system. driveway remain blind spot monitoring. panoramic cameras. Traffic signs Assist, Distronic assist, lane-keeping systems safe driving system will be shown here! Central armrest, is designed to become a has the lowest refrigeration up to minus 18 degrees car refrigerator, the summer travel more convenient.

V260L Benz uses the original site body size: length width * 5370 1928 * 2080 high, M274 2.0T engine with a maximum speed of 185 km / h, the maximum power of 155 / 5500Kw / rpm, the maximum torque of 350 / 1250-4000 Nm / rpm.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach Galaxy V260L modified version of the second-row seats are comfortable and luxurious imported from Germany, air seats, heated massage comes with ventilation, electric headrests, electric leg rest, electrically adjustable front and rear, large comfortable seats, you can ease your day’s fatigue.

Benz V260L continuation of the classic seven-plan seat design 2 + 2 + 3 Maybach even airline seat electric sofa bed, provided with a main back plate copilot necessary to provide the road needs glove shelf; metal integrated intermediate rotary power, heating ventilation and massage CEO 8 comfortable adjustment of the seat, the back may be sufficient to mitigate double bed lying upside down journey tired

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Mercedes-Benz V260L Maybach Galaxy Version commercial vehicles

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