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Toyota Coaster (COASTER coaster) insight into the diverse needs of high-end commercial vehicle market, from practical use, with luxury cars, luxury cars, based on models through the installation of special equipment suits different configurations, to bring you the ultra-VIP version, GLS and super VIP shuttle bus and other variety of special equipment models.

Toyota Coaster modified commercial vehicles can be designed into a variety of styles you want, he can be a mobile office, as the best assistant in the office of our journey. Toyota Coaster as a commercial vehicle has many different design, rotating seat is the head of Toyota Coaster as a huge feature of commercial vehicles in the choice of seats and other interior, both to reflect the distinctive honor, at the same time easy to convene an emergency meeting of the interim.

Toyota Coaster 10 modified noble interior cultivation focus on modification of the interior, from the design of the seat, the Toyota Coaster has a different approach on the seat design, we can install Alpha comfortable seat all imports, on the seat design we can also install electric heating ventilation and foot care and other basic design, in order for us provide a more comfortable ride environment, reduce our sense of exhaustion in the car journey.

, there are many different design details of the modified Toyota Coaster 10 modified commercial vehicle interior. For travel, the travel process will inevitably have a lot of time bored, so travel during recreational activities can help us pass the time well, there is a pleasant experience. Toyota Coaster modified commercial vehicles, interior sound and video systems, ultra-clear display, the presence of these devices, we really can enjoy beautiful music on the go, watch movies or with their peers to a K song competition. The perfect intimate interior design, dignified and generous on the exterior decoration, Toyota Coaster 10 modified to meet the appearance of our hearts want.

store new Toyota Coaster, Coaster, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20,23 car sales, luxurious interior conversion. Toyota Coaster 11 Extreme Edition, Coaster 12 (Deluxe Edition, Ultimate, VIP version) 13 (VIP version, ultra-VIP GLS, Extreme Ultimate) 16 (Super VIP version, ultra-VIP Business Edition) 17 ( match VIP version, ultra-VIP business Edition) color beige metallic, certificate and a seat!

in some other decorative modification, such as curtains carpets, we can choose according to their needs. The choice of curtains that we can choose a luxurious fabric curtains, you can choose a comfortable blinds, Venetian blinds can choose manual or automatic, the installation of curtains decorative frames, etc., can be selected according to our own needs. On the carpet choice, we can select the channel rug, or the whole car are fitted with wooden floors, which is why we choose according to their own style. Hotline; 13261183333 Weijing Li the same micro-channel

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