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“Air Filter” and “Air Conditioning Filter” You still have the difference and role of the two?

Spring is large, the temperature rises, the second few in the first few years, the car owners have come to check the inside of the car, check whether it needs to be replaced. However, some owners have always been clearly clear about ldquo; air conditioning filter RDQUO;, LDQUO; air filter RDQUO; Today, I will introduce the difference between the two.

Some owners are unclear, because they sound too similar, never understand the way of car, both are the effect of filtering air, and they can replace the filter, so , Similar use and similar names make everyone confused. However, if you know the difference in function, it is easy to distinguish between the differences.

First, air filter


The air filter element of the car is in the internal combustion engine model ,

such as gasoline, oil electricity Mixed cars, diesel cars, etc., its role is to filter the air required when the engine works.

gasoline engine is also good, diesel engines, they need fuel and air mixing air into the cylinder when working. The air required by the engine combustion is definitely required to purify the filtration. That is to filter the air entering the engine combustion chamber

, that is, the position of the

air filter element is in the engine compartment, at the front end of the intake pipeline.

is exact because the air filter is filtered is the air required for the engine combustion, and therefore,

if it is

[123 ] Pure electric vehicle
There is no air filter element because it is driven by the motor, and there is no combustion work.

Furthermore, there are some modified brands to produce ldquo; high flow intake RD is stored in the filter element of ordinary original and sub-factory.The filter element is functional in filtering air, which has better air circulation than the original air filter element, which can make the intake air, to a certain extent, can increase the dynamic response of the vehicle, especially modified cars.

How long is the replacement cycle of the air filter?

In fact, the air filter element does not have a fully fixed replacement period, which is based on the vehicle environment. As long as it is guaranteed to filter the air in time, it will not affect the engine intake.
In general,

air filter is replaced by about 10,000 kilometers, you can take it every 5000 km to check

, If it is not dirty, blow it with high pressure air; if you find it is dirty, or even discolored, you need to replace it in time.
Second, air conditioning filter

[ 123]

The air conditioning filter of the car is responsible for filtering the outside air

, that is, the air conditioning filter is used to purify the air in the passenger.

If the vehicle opens the air conditioning system, the air blown into the vehicle outside the car must be filtered, which can not only effectively filter the dust, or even some air conditioning filters can also filter PM2. 5 particles.

The air conditioning filter will be in different locations depending on the model, and the individual vehicles will also design, and some models like Mercedes will also be in the engine compartment. There is an air conditioning filter, two air conditioning filters simultaneously function for filtration of air in the vehicle.

Because almost all household models have air conditioning systems, no matter whether it is a fuel modelIt is a pure electric vehicle, there will be an air conditioning filter. The air conditioning filter also has a different classification:


ordinary filter paper type air conditioner filter

The general filter paper type air conditioner filter is mainly made of ordinary filter paper or nonwoven fabric, which can only filter dust and larger foreign matter in the air. PM2.5 particles and formaldehyde cannot be filtered, the price is relatively inexpensive.

activated carbon air conditioner filter

The activated carbon filter is based on the fiber filter layer, which increases the activated carbon layer, activated carbon can better adsorb formaldehyde, pollen, and harmful odor gas, but the PM2.5 fine particulate filtering effect is still generally general.


HEPA air conditioning filter

This type of air conditioning filter is fully called high-efficiency particle air filters, which can filter harmful gases such as formaldehyde, and filtering PM2.5 particles 99.5 percentage. The filter element effect is best, and the air quality of the person’s personnel can be protected. Of course, such filter die is also the most expensive.

This shows that the type of air conditioner filter is different, and the conditional owner is definitely the best to change the HEPA air conditioning filter. If the car is better, the frequency is large, then choose The most common filter element can also be.


How long is the replacement cycle of the air conditioner filter?

In general, since the air conditioner filter is high in summer,Some drivers have the habit of natural wind blowing air conditioning pipes before parking. Therefore, it is easy to make the air-conditioned filter to breed bacteria in a humid environment, produce odor. It is best to replace it once for half a year or one year, or 5000km needs to be replaced once.

If the air quality in the car requires a higher user, the air conditioning filter can be checked in the spring and autumn. If there is no odor, it is not too dirty. High pressure air gun is blown. If the mold is deteriorated, or it is obviously dirty, it can be replaced immediately.

The air filter element is purified to the air when the engine is burned, and the working amount of the engine determines its replacement frequency. The air conditioning filter is to purify the air after opening the air conditioner in the carriage, and the driver opens the frequency of the air conditioner determines its replacement frequency.

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